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Communication and marketing

Communication and marketing

We work in the real estate sector to guide communication strategies in the sale process at a particularly tough time.

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Launching and Marketing Products and Services


Business & Media Advisors

Business & Media

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Seek and define the target, know and access its behaviour pattern, convince that a particular product or service is not only complying with them but fulfills particular needs, set eficient interaction ways to know the answers and reorient or go deeper in the strategy, help not being better but different.

To launch and / or market a product or service does not mean to set a  better or worse designed media planning. It means to place that product or service in the middle of a sphere in a continuous rotational and translational movement with the added must not to lose the equidistance within it. Assuming the rol of a high height tightrope walker leads to risk and fear of heights, but the bar is clear. Cross it over at ground level is simply impossible. There is no room to place the little toe of a single foot.