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Portal update

Portal update

Making use of our own methodology we have enhanced the activity of one of our customer's site more than 1200%.

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Strategic advisoring in exploiting internet

Strategic advisoring in exploiting internet


Business & Media Advisors

Business & Media

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Each activity or business has a different degree of matureness in the web. It is not possible to treat all the same way, and while with some of them caution is haghly recommended adjusting efforts, there are more mature sectors in which it is possible to go much deeper in Internet.

On one end we can find, as an explanatory example, banks and travel agencies. On the other the range of activities that are still in the first steps of evolution is much wider.

In this path which every day new sectors join or in which they find new ways of getting benefits from the net is where B&M provides the necessary knowledge and creativity.

The knowledge of the environment that B&M has achieved allows to define the most appropriate model of presence in Internet for each case to optimise the exploitation of all the opportunities that the net raises.