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Online Diagnosis Utility

Online Diagnosis Utility

Internet is so dynamic that renewal policies must be very demanding if you do not want to become outdated.

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Surveillance and monitoring

Surveillance and monitoring


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What do you know about users' behaviour in your website? Internet offers an opportunity beyond compare in any other media, to know in detail What, Who, How, When, Where and Why your site is visited. And that information is essential to improve "What", enhance and select "Who", optimise "How" and "When", filter "Where" and complement and diversify "Why".

In every process of definition of strategies concerning the presence of a particular organization in Internet it is crucial to be conscious that profitability bus be demanded. It is an important step to be aware of it in the previous decisions, but it is a very common mistake to consider this kind of actions as closed projects.

When a new business activity begins nobody sets an ending date, it begins to stay. The web presence must be treated in a similar way. It is necessary a permanent surveillance and a regular update if we want to avoid obsoleteness in a world where steps are giant and the evolution rate is frantic. B&M has defined tested monitoring and surveillance models to assure the continuity of its projects with guarantee of success.

A detailed analysis of users' behaviour, contents consumption, sequences and evolutions in time of those consumptions by customer profile, and a comparison with other reference sites, altogether with technological surveillance of new chances to exploit new resources in the Web, are necessary to adequate in the best way our "window to the world" to the objectives or our activity as an oganization.

As well as we should not accept an organization without a permanent and periodic analysis of results, we should not either accept an investment in Internet without monitoring its yield.