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Online Diagnosis Utility

Online Diagnosis Utility

Internet is so dynamic that renewal policies must be very demanding if you do not want to become outdated.

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Usefulness diagnose

Usefulness diagnose


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Do you reach your target? What do your competitors do better than you in the Net? Is your design the most adequate one to reach your goals? Do you make use of all the resources and tools that Internet offers? Why don't users consume more contents from your website? Is the structure of your site the most appropriate one to make the audience grow? Do you highlight what identifies you in order to consolidate it? Or maybe what is least known in order to grow? Do you display the brand image that you should? Have you defined your organization in advance? Do you want it to be seen as serious or jovial, strong and firm or risky and creative, oriented to profitability or giving priority to social responsibility?

Internet has irrupted in a violent way into our society and habits, forcing to react with no time to mature. If you are out of Internet you don't exist. Only the slowest ones have remained outside.

But when everyone is inside, the question is, how can I take advantage? Very few exceed the basic analysis of the aesthetics of the web site and the number of visits. But the real usefulness needs a much deeper analysis. Are the objectives of my physical business aligned with my supply in the web? Do I reach my target audience? What else could I ask Internet for? Am I getting the best profitability from my business in the web? Can I get more visibility? In the end, is my investment in the web profitable?

B&M has designed an own methodology to analyse in depth all these questions and many more, and has achieved the knowledge to optimise the yield of the investment from the conviction that the web is another office, and probably in a no long while will be the main office for many businesses.